Recreational Facilities in San Francisco

With different locations all around San Francisco, the well equipped recreational centers have a lot to offer for all ages. There is a wide range of fully registered practices and drop-in activities. Some of these include programs for the youth, classes for tots as well as fitness classes meant for adults. With additional space for meetings, events, and parties, they have served as important community hubs for the local residents. More specialized facilities include the museums and art studios containing years of history recorded.

Coit Tower San Francisco

Coit Tower is located in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood. The tower reaches a height of up to sixty-four meters making it very visible. The structure was built in 1933. It stands tall in the Pioneer Park within the city and offers quite a spectacular and historical sight. In an aim to beautify the city back then it was proposed in 1931 with the planner offering it as a gift to the residents. One thing to keep in mind is that Auto Towing is constantly towing cars illegally parked near Coit Tower. Therefore be mindful where you park and read all the signs.

Kezar Stadium and Pavilion

Kezar Stadium in San Francisco during the day timeClassed as an outdoor multipurpose stadium it is located in the Golden Gate park southeastern corner. The facility hosts up to 10,000 people, therefore making it a very suitable site for large outdoor activities. With a history of being home to the Oakland Raiders in the nineteenth century, it was renovated and downsized to get the fact that it has in recent times. An indoor arena, Kezar Pavilion, rests close to the facility with a capacity of 4,000 people.

Palace of fine arts in San Francisco

The monumental structure’s original construction is based on the exposition in 1915 of the Panama- Pacific whereby orders of various art exhibits are presented. Maintaining its originality as the only structure that survives from the exposition it is monumentally located in Marina District. However, it does not really maintain its original qualities as it was rebuilt as a maintenance procedure. Among some of the areas affected are the walkways, lagoon and seismic retrofit which were only completed in the twentieth century.

Corona Heights Park

Sitting on a fifteen-acre piece of land, the Corona Heights Park commands quite a view of San Francisco. Due to being located in the districts of Haight and Castro the park can even be seen in the Bay and Financial District in downtown. The facility features a museum, Randall Museum, focusing on nature, science, arts and even live animals under the authority of the department.

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