Interesting Activities to Do at The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Golden Gate BridgeThe San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most historic structures in San Francisco. It is a very beautiful structure to behold due to its dark orange color and the softly curved cables. There are a number of ways as discussed below, on how to enjoy the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge along with its surrounding environment.

Riding over the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is very suitable for an exciting and safe bicycle ride. If an individual comes from the city, both Blazing Saddles and Golden Gate Bridge Bike Rentals offer tours and rentals for all ages of cyclists. For a person coming from Marin, the Sausalito Bike Rentals is the best option. Furthermore, the Wheel Fun Rentals, with two locations in Fisherman’s Wharf, provides bike tours that are guided by audio via GPS technology thus giving information on the precise location. It is also important to make a stop at the Fort Point for a beautiful photo at the bridge.

Visit the Cavallo Point

The Cavallo Point has an older history than the Golden Gate. Prior to the construction of the bridge, Fort Baker was established by the army as a military base with an aim of fortifying the bay. Presently, the beautiful colonial buildings have been changed to a tourist centre with underrated luxury. The guests visiting here enjoy activities such as culinary classes, guided hikes, wine receptions, morning yoga and they also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Recharging the Round House Café

The Round House Café, as its name suggests, has a view of 360 degrees from the restaurant’s window that is shaped like a wheel. A tourist visiting the Art Deco building can get something to eat at the San Francisco Bay. There is a variety of delicacies to enjoy such as slaw-filled hot dogs, California-styled salads and the bread bowl chowder.

Exploring the Golden Gate Recreational Area

The Golden Gate Recreational Area is on a land of 82,027 acres. This land stretches from Tomales Bay to Silicon Valley. The most attractive areas are near the Golden Gate. Anyone visiting this area can do hiking towards a beach by the 1.7 mile Tennessee Valley Trail. One can also view the Lands End and the Sutro Baths ruins. Check out the history of the golden gate bridge if you are planning to visit that place.